About Guitar Lessons in Johannesburg

Based in Johannesburg, we have been providing quality guitar lessons to budding musicians in Johannesburg and surrounding areas for many years.

We understand that the number one problem stopping students being the guitar player they want to be is motivation and thus we take pride in catering all lessons for each student, understanding their short and long term goals to reach these as soon as possible.

We won't force you to learn 'Mary had a little lamb' if you don't want to. This is only an exercise in tediousness. We go straight to teaching you songs that you know and love, just tell us what you listen to.

It's all about service, and making sure you feel confident with your choice. With us, you know you are getting the best possible lessons in the field, whether you are learning to play folk songs on an acoustic guitar or metal solos on your new stratocaster. We take pride in our work, and treat every student like our best friends. We care, and it shows.

Why Choose Us?

  • We Treat Every Customer Like Family
  • Best Quality Guitar Lessons in Johannesburg
  • Backed With Years Of Experience
  • Reliable and Affordable Guitar Lessons
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
To get in touch with us, call us at 082 855 7368