Melville Guitar Lessons

Learn to Modulate in Melville

Melville. The cars commute, the people shop, the nightlife buzzes. Soon all will be playing the tracks the Guitar aficionado from these small streets. We’re talking about you! Let us unlock your potential, we are based in Randburg but it is no problem coming to you, or you could come to us. Whatever works for you.

Lessons for Kids

Kids are easily distracted and bored. What better way to keep them busy than by teaching them a new skill that will teach them about music, rhythm, performance and themselves. We’re talking about guitar lessons here!

We love teaching kids. They really do learn quicker than adults and are not afraid of making mistakes or seeming 'dumb'.

Lessons for Adults

And it’s not just for the kids. It’s never too late for parents and other adults to start learning how to play the beautiful instrument that is the guitar. Adult musicians tend to come with their own opinions about the world, their own musical tastes and often a stubbornness that brings them quick to anger. But don’t fret, we’ve done this many times before and understand how to get through you.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

If you want to learn how to softly strum your acoustic guitar, we can teach you everything from the basics to playing amazing Jack Johnson or John Mayer Ballads. We believe all guitarists should start learning on an acoustic guitar. The skills transfer perfectly to the “electric axe” and your acoustic guitar even works when the power is off (not that that happens in Johannesburg…..).

Electric Guitar Lessons

Would you rather crank the distortion up to 11 and learn your favourite Nirvana or Metallica rock song? We love rock music and are completely happy to take you from playing the basics right up to being ready to play your own rendition of a classic at your local open mic evening. Whether it is blues, punk rock or metal, we’ve got you covered and you’ll be melting faces in no time.


It’s one thing learning to play your favourite song but there is nothing more satisfying than making your own song, from start to finish. Our teachers are all songwriters and can show you the tools you will need to start writing your own classic. From there, your imagination is the only limit.

Sound Recording

Along with writing music, our teachers are all experts in recording their songs. And its not just recording your guitar, but also adding the other instruments to turn a high pitched solo into a full rock anthem.

Advanced Lessons

Even if you are not a beginner and would like to tighten your skills or take your playing to the next level, we are ready to take you there. Don’t worry about being better than our teachers, you wouldn’t be looking for lessons if you were ;)