Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Johannesburg

There is truly nothing better than a lone guitarist on a beautiful beach, sitting around a campfire with a guitar in his lap, blowing people’s minds. The acoustic guitar is a simple instrument with a whole lot of potential. People have made careers with nothing but this instrument and their passion.

We believe all guitarists should be acoustic guitarists first. Not only because the fingers don’t hurt as much at first and they still work during load-shedding, but also because you have to learn to speak without distortion before you can speak with it.

There is a reason that there is a cliché of a guy singing a song for his girl on his own guitar and the girl being instantly enraptured. It’s because it happens all the time. There are few ways to express one’s love and passion than with an acoustic guitar. It doesn’t hurt if you can sing as well :)

We take inspiration from many of the great acoustic guitarists, not only for their technical skill but ability to soothe the soul and calm the spirit. Musicians like Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz can take you into another world where you can relax. Artists like Greg Fleming and Kirsten Hemsworth are known for their ability to shred on their acoustic without ‘Showing off’.

You can bet we study all these musicians. We can even play their songs, although nobody can play them as well as they can. But we are proud of what we can do on acoustic guitars and we are ready to teach you as well.

You will learn:

Some artists we like: