Electric Guitar Lessons in Johannesburg

There is no more iconic symbol of rock then the electric guitar. In fact there is no more iconic symbol of Blues or Jazz either! The electric guitar has only been around for 40 years and is one of the most commonly used instrument in music today.

It's not hard to see why either. The versatility of the electric guitar is unprecedented thanks to the amazing power of technology that in continually evolving. Distortion changed the music world and created a familiar sound recognizable to all but the oldest of ears. But it doesn’t stop at distortion, more effects are created every day giving the guitarist the power to create one of hundreds of different sounds using his one guitar.

If you want to play in a band, the guitar is the place to start. Most bands these days have 2 electric guitars (or more), where each guitarist has their individual role. The most common of these roles are ‘rhythm’ and ‘lead’, where the rhythm guitarist plays the backing chords and lays the platform for the lead guitarist, who plays the main melody or shreds out a solo.

Our teachers are all fans of all kinds of electric guitar music. From in-your-face metal with its heavy distortion and face-melting solos, to the slow, sweet licks with the recognisable rhythm of your favourite blues classic, our teachers have lived them all and are ready to teach you their ways.

So if you are looking to start or join a band, electric guitar is your thing. All our teachers play electric guitar and have played in a band before. We are proud of what we can do and are itching to teach you as well.

You will learn:

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