Guitar Lessons for Kids in Johannesburg

It is such a pleasure to teach guitar to kids. They really do learn so much quicker than us old people and there is no better time to start learning a new skill... The younger, the better. We can’t tell you how many times a child has come with their parent to do lessons together and the parents have to practice so much more than their child just to keep up.

Kids also really don’t mind mistakes or looking dumb. As we grow older, we start to care more and more about what people think of us, and not just try be the best we can be. Kids don’t have this handicap and they inspire us to break down our own limits and be more than we are. We really wish we were as joyful and loving as the kids we get to teach.

We have taught so many children in the past that we have discovered the key to getting them to succeed is keeping them engaged. Without the internal discipline of adults, kids lose focus quickly if they are not kept interested. We have invented our own methods of teaching them what they want to learn, while ensuring correct playing technique and a strong core of fundamentals.

So if you want to give your kid a head start into learning the unique set of skills required for guitar, you have come to the right place. All our teachers have dealt with kids plenty of times in the past, and we’d love to welcome yours to our family!

You will learn: